Oral Health: Main Dental Cosmetic Treatments

To have a beautiful, white smile, we sometimes need to undergo certain dental aesthetic treatments.

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Oral health: main dental cosmetic treatments

Taking care of our oral health is fundamental. But to show a beautiful white smile, we sometimes need to undergo certain cosmetic dental treatments.

This combines health with a desire to look much better. We will tell you what are the main aesthetic treatments on teeth that you should take into consideration.

Dental veneers

You have certainly seen shiny teeth in many famous women. They are very white and this is due to two things, teeth whitening and also the application of veneers.

Dental veneers are thin sheets applied to cover the front of the teeth. As we say, it is an aesthetic treatment that what you do is give your teeth a perfect color, hiding stains, cracks and other dental problems. They can be made of porcelain, composite or zirconia.

Dental implants

They have become an aesthetic phenomenon because we are talking about replacing one or more teeth. This aesthetic treatment is more and more precise and sophisticated to fit perfectly and last for many years. For this, avant-garde surgical techniques are usually applied and what is tried is that everything is faster to do, from the intervention to the postoperative period.


Orthodontics of a lifetime is now something different. We have everything from metallic to transparent supports, which almost do not exist. They serve to align teeth that come out a little crooked and also due to the effect of bite problems.

These ceramic brackets and transparent sapphire are the most used in the category of aesthetic orthodontics. All are effective and are now made with 100% biocompatible materials. But if we are a little presumptuous, the latter are the best, because neither you nor the others notice.

Tooth whitening

What do celebrities do to have such white teeth? Well, time also passes, but then they do a tooth whitening. This fantastic technique is very demanding and is based on the application of a slightly lighter color on the patient’s tooth. This eliminates stains and increases the somewhat dark tint, which remained so due to the passage of time and bad habits.


For some, this myriad of options can be overwhelming. Especially if you are thinking about doing a whitening for the first time. To curl the bunch, many of the products sold online are not very effective and some may even be unsafe.